President - Warner Winthrop
Vice President - Larry Estep
Treasurer - Jim Hassold
Secretary -
Grace Elton

Board of Directors

Two-Year -Brad Swortzel
One-Year - Vacant
Past President -Mary Petres
Executive Secretary - Terry Koci


Control and direct the affairs of the Association
Determine policies of changes within the limits of the bylaws
Actively prosecute the purposes of the CVNLA
Oversee the disbursement of the general funds


  • Preside at all Board and Membership meetings
  • Ensure all officers perform their duties
  • Delegate authority to officers and Executive Secretary
  • Present an annual report at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Supervise and direct the Executive Secretary.
  • Co-Chairman of the Nominating Committee


  • Perform duties of President when necessary
  • Co-Chairman of the Monthly Meetings - speakers
  • Christmas Party and June Picnic


  • In charge of all monitory transactions
  • Give a written report at each Board Meeting
  • Give report at each Membership Meeting
  • Collect money from dinner meetings for no shows



  • Prepare minutes at membership and board meetings

Two Year Director

  • Co-Chairman of the Monthly Meetings - speakers

One Year Director

  • Coordinate dinner reservations for meetings

Executive Secretary

  • Chairman of the VNLA Certification Review Course
  • Chairman of the Short Course Committee
  • Historian